Making Money Writing Online By Publishing Erotica

Making money writing online is easier than you think! I’ve made over $100,000 in the last few years selling books for Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and GooglePlay. More than I ever thought was possible.

Whenever I tell people that I’m making money writing online they are always a little incredulous. Moreso when I tell them I’m a writer. But those same people’s jaws hit the floor when I tell them I make real whole dollars for very little effort.

And You Can Too!

I started this business with a copy of Microsoft Word, a copy of GIMP, and an almost broken laptop. All you need to get started are the same tools, which are pretty much available to anyone with the intent of making money writing online.

First, you’ll want to head over to and make an account. After filling our your tax details you’ll be able to upload your first book.

But before you can do that, you need something to write about…and I have the perfect niche suggestion for making money writing online…EROTICA!

Erotica is an evergreen niche, which means there will always be plenty of customers buying books hand over fist(lol).

Within the erotica niche there are many varied subniches. Someone has fortunately compiled a list of all these subniches here on reddit:

[FAQ Thread] Everyone’s favorite: the awe-inspiring NicheList!!!! This is the world’s completest, comprehensivest and thoroughest list of romance and erotica niches, kinks, fetishes, genres, styles, focuses and themes! It is impossible for you to come up with an erotica niche that is not listed! from eroticauthors

Once you pick a niche, the next step is to write a story or have a story written within your niche. Know that the story has to be at least 3000 words in most cases. Distributors want their content to be at least the length of a good size short story.

Writing the story is the most difficult, but also the easiest part of the process. For some people writing hundreds of erotica stories is as easy as pie, but for others writing one can be like pulling teeth. If you’re one of the latter, I suggest outsourcing the writing part of a publishing business to freelancers from either or I’ve used both platforms, but have had more success with upwork.

Once you’ve got your story, it’s time to make the cover. Once again, you can do this yourself with photoshop or gimp, or outsource it by hiring someone on fiverr. There are lots of people on fiverr who can knock out a decent cover quickly.

With your story.docx and your cover.jpg, it’s time to go through the tedious task of publishing your first book! It might be exciting the first few times you do it, but after the hundredth or six-hundredth story you publish, you’ll be as excited to see the forms as you would be seeing your proctologist. Yikes.

One of the most important things, other than your cover and story document, are the keywords you target. Your keywords will determine where, and how often your story appears on the various storefront’s search engines. There are many tools and browser extensions that will help with this process. Most of them are free, but unfortunately, the AdWords keyword tool that I used is now hidden behind a paywall.

You’ll have to get creative with it. I suggest playing with the main phrases “erotica” or “sex stories” and adding variations of those combined with words related to your chosen niche.

Got any questions about making money writing online? Leave a comment below! Please share this post with anyone you feel might be interested in becoming a publisher.


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