Making Money Online While Following These 3 Tips

Making Money Online isn't easy, but I'm here to help.
Want to Make Money Online? Make sure to follow these three tips

Track Everything While Making Money Online

When I was first starting out making money online I made the mistake of not keeping good records of everything business related. If someone were to ask me how much money I made one month, I would have no idea. How much did I spend? Were my Facebook ads effective? How effective are my freelancers and Virtual Assistants?

I simply had no idea how to answer any of those questions until I started to track everything. After realizing how behind the ball I was, however,  I started to build spreadsheets for everything.

I had a spreadsheet for my cash flow. My projected sales over 12 months. I had a spreadsheet tracking how much money I was earning for every dollar spent on content and a spreadsheet keeping track of my own personal word count over time. I stopped short of a spreadsheet tracking my bowel movements, so I didn’t get too excessive with it.

Use The Pomodoro Method While Making Money Online

The best way to keep yourself accountable is by having a cruel taskmaster watching over you. The passing of time is the best taskmaster. Making every second count by timing your work sessions maximizes your focus. That’s personally why I time all my work sessions with an egg timer.

Essentially, to use the Pomodoro method, you need a pen, paper, and some sort of timer. Most people prefer an actual egg timer because the physicality of winding the timer before each session is like a mental cue to start working. You’ll want to set the timer for 25 minutes when you’re working, and 5 minutes when you’re resting. Keep track of every session you complete in a day for the extra benefit of seeings a visual representation of all the time you’ve spent focused on a task!

Help Others While Making Money Online

I couldn’t have gotten started making money online if it wasn’t for anonymous strangers being generous with their time and knowledge. When you wind up successful, be sure to help others get to your position. You don’t have to give away your niches or business secrets. Of course. But help “teach a person to fish” so to speak. There are lots of people in the world with tons of potential to offer the world, but they need encouragement and patience. Be one of those people trying to lift people up!

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